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We provide a simple and convenient for casting directors and actors to meet and collaborate.

How It Works

Casting directors can seamlessly window shop for actors by reviewing their bios, resumes, headshots, video reels, audio reels, and references. Our filtering algorithm ensures that each casting call posted by casting directors is targeted to the exact actors that meet character requirements. This filtering process inviting them to bid for a role with detailed descriptions.

Registered actors can review character bibles, sides and apply to auditions on the go.

Casting directors can collaborate and select preferred submissions right from their phones in the comfort of their homes or offices.

The few actors who eventually come in for a physical reading are shortlisted and preferred. How easy is that? Actors don’t have to literally break a leg. Casting directors can assess submissions from any time zone and location.You don’t have to hire casting directors for long hours, large audition locations, personnel or refreshments. You don’t have to queue up with crowds under the scorching sun, you don’t have to be in Lagos. Casting directors, you don’t have to cut down on your chances, you just be you, and take a stride to an awesome career waiting for you. Wonder what you are still waiting for.